What is a Recurring Gift?
A recurring gift is a way to support camp by donating a specific amount every month.  Your gift will be automatically charged to your credit card. Your recurring gift will be a dependable source of support that Eisner can count on throughout the year.

How Do I Sign-up?
Right here online. You agree to a gift amount – as little as $6 each month – and it will be charged to your credit card accordingly.

If you need to change or discontinue your monthly gift for any reason you may do so at any time by emailing our Development Director Kadie Black or calling 201 722 0400.


Spreading your support throughout the year is a convenient way to include your donations into your personal budget. Monthly giving is also a cost efficient way to deliver your support.

  • Great satisfaction.  Every month, you will know you have contributed to make the Eisner Camp experience the best possible for more than 900 campers that attend each summer.
  • Convenience. When you participate in Eisner’s Recurring Gift Program, your gift will appear each month on your credit card. In January, we will send you a summary of your and tax receipt to help in your tax preparations, and you will not receive phone solicitations or direct mail solicitations.
  • Reduced paperwork and administrative expenses. Automatic monthly payments mean more of your donation goes to where it is needed most.
  • Flexibility. If for any reason you wish to increase, decrease, discontinue your gifts, or change the credit card being charged, just email our Development Director Kadie Black or call 201 722 0400, and we will gladly accommodate you.

    “URJ Eisner and Crane Lake Camps have had a significant impact on our family and friends. It is because of everything that camp has done for our children that our extended family is both intergenerational and spread all over the world. We want to make the same opportunities available for others to have similar experiences. Giving monthly is very convenient and the cumulative effect of monthly donations enables us to have a greater impact than writing a check one time a year.” ~ Diane and Stephen Weitzman

Chai Calculator

$6 per month           = $72 per year or 4x Chai

$9 per month          =$108 per year or 6x Chai

$15 per month          = $180 per year or 10x Chai

$30 per month         = $360 per year or 20x Chai

$45 per month    = $540 per year or 30x Chai