Summer 2021 FAQ’s

We are grateful for the trust and support you have offered us, especially during this turbulent time. While we could not have imagined a year ago what 2020 would look like, our community proved its steady strength and resilience. We can’t wait to leverage our communal power as we come together for a summer like no other. 

As we meaningfully consider every aspect of our program and operation, we have provided the following information to help you understand how we are planning for the summer ahead. The health and safety of our families has always been and will remain our top priority as we work to open camp safely. Living with the new reality of COVID-19, elements of camp life will look different, and we are committed to delivering the same level of excellence in programming and camper care as we always have.   

We will be as transparent as possible as our summer plans continue to take shape. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year and please be in touch any time with questions you may have.   

Dates and Rates for Summer 2021 can be found on our website. Our session structure remains the same as previous years consistent with how camp has been structured the last few summers. Should camp need to make a change to any camper sessions prior to the summer, families will be notified and have the opportunity to cancel a session without penalty (including return of any deposit). You will also be eligible for this change of session refund for all children in your household who are registered at camp even regardless if the sessions of the sibling(s) were not changed.  

One notable change for this summer impacts K’tanim 2 (our two-week session for second and third graders, which would start in the middle of camp’s first session)One thing that was consistent with camps that ran successfully this past summer was that everyone arrived on the same day — there were not any embedded sessions where campers arrived in the middle. Therefore, at this time we are not offering a two-week K’tanim program that arrives in the middle of first session. Rising second and third graders may come for the first two weeks of first session (K’tanim 1) and will have the option to extend their time at camp for the rest of our first session.  

We know that missing out on a whole summer at camp was challenging. While much was missed, campers should register for the unit that they should be in based on their current grade for the 2020-21 school year. Every camper (including Machon) will move up to their appropriate unit this summer. 

Our 2021 fees and payment schedules can be found on our websiteWe are so grateful to those who were able to roll over their paid tuition towards 2021 enrollment. As long as the amount rolled over is equal to or above the enrollment deposit, those funds will be counted as your 2021 deposit and you will not need to pay an additional deposit fee when you enroll. Everyone, regardless of whether they forwarded credit or made a donation, will pay the 2021 fees and is required to submit a camper application for 2021.  

Every year the tuition at camp increases due to rising operating costs and ongoing improvements and upgrades to our program. This year, we also anticipate additional expenses related to COVID-19 around staffing, equipment, testing, and more. 

Upon registering and paying the $350 non-refundable administrative deposit per camper per session, families will have three options for payment: 

  1. Payment in full at the time of registration 
  2. The three-payment plan described below (January 15, March 15, April 15) 
  3. Monthly payments between December and April 

Deposits and electronic payments may be made by E-check (ACH), Debit Card, or Credit Card (we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover). A non-refundable 2.75% credit card processing fee will be added to all credit card transactions. To avoid credit card processing fees, families can choose to pay by E-check or debit card. E-Check will allow tuition to be deducted directly from either your checking or savings account. 

The URJ Camps payment schedule: 

  • January 28, 2021 – (150 days prior to Camp’s first session start date) – 25% of tuition payment is due 
  • March 29, 2021 – (90 days prior to Camp’s first session start date) – an additional 50% of tuition payment is due (75% of tuition paid) 
  • April 28, 2021 – (60 days prior to Camp’s first session start date) – final payment is due 

Should the session start date change, these specific dates would be modified to apply to the same schedule. 

Families will have the option to purchase third party trip and travel insurance. More information can be found on our website. 

We will remain nimble and responsive to ever-evolving local standards and protocolsIf camp is unable or elects not to open camp due to government regulations or if camp chooses not to open at its own discretion, you will receive a full refund, including the deposit, without penalty. 

If camp is required to make a change to a camper session prior to summer, families will be notified in writing.  Camp will provide an opportunity at that time for families to cancel their registration without penalty (including the return of any deposit).  

Should a family decide to cancel on their ownall normal cancellation policies will apply. 

The URJ Camps refund policy states that: 

  • Cancellation before March 29, 2021 (by 90 days or more prior to the first session start date) – 100% of tuition is refundable except for the non-refundable administrative deposit ($350 per camper per session). 
  • Cancellation between March 29-May 13, 2021 (90 days and 45 days prior to the first session start date) – 75% of tuition is refundable. 
  • Cancellation after May 13, 2021 (by 45 days or less prior to the first session start date) – no refunds will be given unless stated below. 
  • Camp reserves the right to refund any eligible refund in multiple installments as determined by Camp.    

Additional details on the refund policy can be found in our Terms and Conditions 


Yes! We strive to make camp affordable for all families. Please note that scholarship awards from 2020 will not carry forward. Families who wish to apply for assistance will need to submit new applications for Summer 2021. Our scholarship application will be available upon confirmation of enrollment. You can find it on the Forms and Documents page of your CampInTouch account. 

When submitting your camper application, all families are required to select one of the three payment options. New for this year: you will only need to submit one scholarship application per family, regardless of the number of campers you have enrolled. Scholarship applications are due by Tuesday, February 16th, 2021(tax return information and temple contribution form will not be due until February 2021). Once your scholarship application is received, we will manually update your payment plan based on the preferences indicated in your application. More information can be found on our website. 

We are working to open camp safely and will be as transparent as possible as we further develop our summer plans. We anticipate that elements of camp will look different this year. Areas that are currently under examination include dining hall and health center procedures, capacity and spacing, programming, supply and equipment needs, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) usage (such as masks), limiting individuals coming and going from camp, physical distancing requirements, housekeeping protocols, and more 

We know that the best practices surrounding COVID-19 are continually changing. We will remain responsive to ever-evolving local standards and protocols. The URJ camping system is working with a team of medical experts, including infectious disease doctors, to guide our decisions and revamp our protocols and procedures. We are also working in close coordination with the American Camping Association and the Foundation for Jewish Camp to gather insights from the field. We continue to closely monitor Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines as well 

While it is our hope to run camp at full capacity, as a precautionary measure, we will not be initially opening registration at full capacity. We are being mindful that COVID-19 protocols may necessitate the need to maintain additional space in camp. We will be monitoring our numbers and our needs on an ongoing basis and will make adjustments accordingly. 

Out of an abundance of caution, off-site trips (amusement parks, hikesMachon rafting, Olim trip to Montreal, etc.) may not be possible this summer. Should conditions and restrictions allow, we will consider including trips in the schedule (with additional fees, such as camper cash). 

We are sensitive to the fact that any outside guests could present additional risks to the camp community. In addition, our hope is to allow our fullsummer campers to enjoy some time with their parents in between sessions. Since we don’t know what COVID-19 protocols will be needed or mandated, it’s too early to know if we will be able to welcome any guests to camp this summer. We will update you as more information becomes available. 

We pride ourselves on having amazing staff whose focus is the care and wellbeing of our campers. This year will be no exception. We know that our staff are eager to return. Staff will be trained in the latest health and safety precautions, including COVID-19 training. Days off and staff excursions out of camp may have limitationsIn addition, each year we hire amazing international staff, from Israel and beyond, who bring a wealth of skills and experience to our community. We are working closely with our international staffing agencies to continue this process. We will follow their lead regarding restrictions, work permit allowances, etc.  

We recognize that while a return to camp life is much anticipated and exciting, it also brings with its anxieties and concerns. Our campers and staff have lived anything but normal lives over number of months, some of whom may have suffered their own losses due to COVID-19. Changes to our camp program and routine will bring some unfamiliarity and adjustment. Our staff will be trained in supporting our campers and building community at this unusual time. Our top-notch Community Care Team, will provide additional support to campers and staff. As always, we will communicate and partner with families as challenges arise. We know that the connection, routine, and support that camp life offers will be eagerly welcomed and is exceptionally important today for our campers and staff 
We look forward to staying connected throughout the year. As always, we will be visiting congregations and running some year-round camper programs – albeit it largely virtual! Stay up to date with all that is happening through our website and social media channels.  

We also encourage you to check out the URJ’s RJ othe Go platform, program which helps keep our community connected and offers amazing year round programming for families. One of the many benefits to you and your family when you join a camp community is that you are joining the broader URJ Reform Movement community, a global network of families like yours, synagogues, camps, scholars, artists, educators, leaders  and organizations who are committed to creating a more just compassionate world through shared Jewish values.


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Eisner Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association and must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local Board of Health.